Holiday PhysiotherapistThe Holiday Physiotherapist

Welcom to Flevoland!
You deserve a holiday in our country without pain and injuries, that’s why we offer you the holiday physiotherapist.
Are you relaxing at a Flevoland campsite,  sailing our waters or staying at one of the beautiful holidayparks?
But did you make a wrong move and now the pain in your leg, neck or back is spoiling the fun?

The Holiday physiotherapists from Zeewolde Flevoland offer you screening and treatment so you can have a pain-free holiday.

A pain-free holiday that’s where we believe in!


Mon – Thu:  9:00-21:00
Fri:  9:00-18:00
Weekends: email-consult

How to get in touch with the Holiday Physiotherapists?

Call:  +31368489226
Whatsapp: +31683173764

Where can you find the physiotherapist ?

This holidayservice  is supported by Altius Physiotherapy, Sports & Prevention Zeewolde